Early Spray Peas

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This calculator estimates net return ($ gains/acre or $ losses/acre) for insecticide applied as a foliar spray during the first four weeks following crop emergence to control colonizing aphids that arrive positive for pea plant viruses.

In particular, it calculates the anticipated benefits of foliar sprays to fields planted with and without protective insecticidal seed treatments, subtracts the cost of the foliar spray and expresses net return as 5 qualitative categories: substantial loss, moderate loss, neutral, moderate gain, substantial gain.

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PURPOSE:  This tool recommends whether to spray insecticide early in the growing season to combat pea aphids and their viruses.

TIP:  Some initial values are provided in the form below to get you started. Please customize the form fields to best describe your conditions.

Crop Information

pea  Crop Type:  Peas

seedling  Crop Stage:  (Early) < 4 weeks after crop emergence

location  Location:  select from map    

seeds  Seed Treatment Applied:

Gaucho 600
oz product/cwt seed
Cruiser 5FS *
oz product/cwt seed
0.8 1.6 3.2 0.32 0.64 1.28  

Crop Income (Potential Value)

crop yield  Maximum Yield: .  x 100 lbs per acre

coins  Crop Market Value: .  $ per 100 lbs

Potential Crop Income:  $  per acre

Spray Cost

insecticide thumbnail  Insecticide & Rate:

Insecticide information

dollar thumbnail  Insecticide Cost:  $ per gallon

spray application  Application Cost:  $ per acre

Total Spray Cost:  $  per acre

Aphid Density

Select method and enter value: .


Crop growth stage when aphids first arrive (nodes):

Analysis & Recommendation

Gaucho 600
oz product/cwt seed
Cruiser 5FS *
oz product/cwt seed
0.8 1.6 3.2 0.32 0.64 1.28  


Gain/Loss (per acre)


Gain > $15


$5 < Gain ≤ $15

+ / –

$5 ≥ Gain/Loss ≥ –$5

–$15 ≥ Loss > –$5

– –

Loss > –$15



Please select a Location.


* The calculator has been developed based on available experimental data. Cruiser can be applied at a higher rate than the highest rate listed here.

ALWAYS read and follow the instructions printed on the pesticide label. The listings here do not substitute for instructions on the label. Due to constantly changing pesticide laws and labels, some pesticides here may have been cancelled or had certain uses prohibited. Trade names are listed alphabetically to simplify the table; no endorsement or discrimination is intended.

Special thanks to everybody involved in creating this calculator: Sanford Eigenbrode, Ed Bechinski, Ying Wu, Damon Husebye, Brad Stokes, Sunil Paudel and Todd Young.

If you encounter a problem or an error in this calculator, please let us know by contacting: Sanford Eigenbrode



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