Late Spray Peas & Lentils

This calculator is designed to estimate the pea aphid density (aphids per plant) at which a control action should be taken in order for the producer to break-even on their investment of a control action (purchasing and applying insecticide). This break-even point is called the Economic Injury Level (EIL) (Pedigo et al. 1986).

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PURPOSE:  This tool makes recommendations regarding whether to spray insecticide late in the growing season to combat pea aphids and their viruses.

TIP:  Initial values are provided in the form below to get you started. Please customize the form fields to best represent your conditions.

Crop Information

pea  Crop Type:  Lentil   Pea

seedling  Crop Stage:   (Late)  > 4 weeks after crop emergence

location  Location:  select from map (Risk value:  )

Crop Income (Potential Value)

crop yield  Maximum Yield: .  x 100 lbs per acre

coins  Crop Market Value: .  $ per 100 lbs

Potential Crop Income:  $  per acre

Spray Cost

insecticide thumbnail  Insecticide & amount:

Insecticide information

dollar thumbnail  Insecticide Cost:  $ per gallon

spray application  Application Cost:  $ per acre

Product Efficacy:   % effectiveness
Total Spray Cost:  $  per acre

Your Estimated Aphid Density

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Analysis & Recommendation

Economic Injury Level (EIL) .   or Break-Even Aphid Density:

Aphids per pea plant Aphids per 25 - 180° sweeps

Your estimated aphid density:

Aphids per pea plant Aphids per 25 - 180° sweeps


Based on your selections and estimated aphid density:


  PEAS by Gab Bandala, MX from the Noun Project (URL)

  SEEDLING by abdul karim, ID from the Noun Project (URL)

  LOCATION by Raden Situbondo, ID from the Noun Project (URL)

  SEEDS by Xela Ub, VN from the Noun Project (URL)

  DELIVERY by faisalovers, ID from the Noun Project (URL)

  COINS by IYIKON, PK from the Noun Project (URL)

  DOLLAR by Yo! Baba, AU from the Noun Project (URL)

  CROP DUSTER by Luis Prado, US from the Noun Project (URL)

  CROPS by Brand Mania from the Noun Project (URL)

  BUG by Edward Boatman, US from the Noun Project (URL)

  INSECTICIDE by Yağız Mert Özçelenk from the Noun Project (URL)